Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Didn't Feel The Earthquake, We Had Amazing Experiences Instead......

Hey, so for starters......I didn't even feel the earthquake.  Instead one of our investigators who is Chinese was watching it on the News right before we taught him.

This investigator is amazing though, he loves to watch the news and read a lot of things about random worldly things.  As we were walking around talking to people about the gospel, we ran into him.  We eventually taught him and next thing we know, we found out two years ago one of his friends had given him a Book of Mormon with their Testimony inside.  He doesn't stay in contact with this person anymore, but this investigator ended up going to church.  He loved it and as we taught him last night, another Miracle happened!  His daughter wanted to learn why American Missionaries where in the Philippines teaching.  As we taught on our 3rd lesson to her father, we brought up repentance.  She began to ask and seem super interested.  We ended up finding out that his daughter has been searching for a church so she can repent for the things she has done in the past.  All the other churches she has gone to hasn't really been a help and as we taught her she began to cry.  So now we have a new investigator and she is super super interested in more!!

My Companion and I noticed not only with her, but all of our investigators, something interesting.  We have been working super hard.  We have been out until our curfew every night, looking for more people to teach.  As we looked last night at our overall numbers in our week, we realized our week was amazing when we thought we did horrible.  We have both seen the Lords hand in our work this week.  We have taught so many people and we have been given so many challenges.  Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end.  All I know is that I have learned so much.  I have also learned the Lord loves me and HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON so that we can repent and not suffer.  It's been an amazing week and I still learned a lot.

My companion and I are going to an island for his last area.  Don't have time to explain,  I will explain next week!!!

Well I got to go so I Love You All!!!!  Talk to you next week!!!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sacrifice, It's Totally Worth It.......

Well General Conference was really amazing!!!  Most of the last session was really about as a religion we must stick to our beliefs. It was really amazing. 

Also for General Conference something amazing happened.  For my first convert here in the Philippines, she has been having a rough time.  We recently had a Typhoon come through that added to the flooding in some of our areas that were already flooded.  For my first convert she has already been in a evacuation center for the last 2 months cause her house has been flooded.  From this recent typhoon it now is flooding the area she has been evacuated to.  She doesn't have much money, she has gotten sick cause the water that surrounds them, people go to the bathroom in and other things and their house they live in is literally a bunch of tarps.

Did it stop this women from attending Conference?  NO!! This women traveled 30min. with money she saved to attend church.  While she did this she also brought a friend who is interested in the Church.  With not a single complaint or single plea for help.  This women has a very firm foundation.  It's amazing to see the determination this women has.  This not only has humbled me but, I have also seen the happiness that as Missionaries we bring to others.  This week has been great!!!

Now about the package, it cost nothing here.  Thanks for all the stuff.  Now about ramen....there is stuff that they have here similar, but its also better.  Thanks for the peanuts!!  I actually have eaten so much I have gotten sick from them. :/  My companion thinks its funny, but yea.  Next time thought about the food I was thinking maybe some chips?  and some Forever Stamps...they don't sell them here in the Philippines and I want to send some people letters here.  Well anyways I got to go but I love you all!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!! -Elder Sarmiento

Our 3rd Baptism In Calamba, Blessings Are Pleanty

Post Typhoon #3 This is how we get through the streets

Walking The Planks......Such Determined Elders

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Spirit Is the Best Teacher........

Ok so where to begin this week!!!!

For all of you we are a day behind here in the Philippines....that means I still haven't watched General Conference and wont see it until next weekend.

Also this week has been amazing.  My companion, Elder Thompson, is from Utah and leaves in November.  He has been a huge help for me in the language and I have learned so much from him.  The last week we had an appointment to teach a recent convert, if he was home.  As we got to his house we looked for him, his older brother ran down with a Bible, Book Of Mormon and a note pad.  He told us he wanted to be taught and there and then we met, then taught him the restoration.  He is a student studying in being a midwife......don't ask me how or why but he was so interested.  

As we taught him though he had a note pad full of questions with verses in the bible about our church.  As we showed then answered them it was a great lesson and he understood it all and wants to learn more.  We actually after the lesson think he got an anti mormon questions, but not to bash on us but to really find out about the religion.  As we finished his older sister then came up.  She was super smart, could speak english and has been part of 13 different churches.  She would ask us interesting questions but, it always led back to her reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true.  As we were on the defensive side defending our beliefs she would just smile and think we were kinda crazy.  At one point though something came over me, I literally felt as if something or someone stepped into my body and I began shooting off many questions.  Within 3 questions we found out she has read the Book of Mormon, but she didn't read to ask.  There and then at that moment I had a testimony that we can try and teach all we want but its through the spirit we can only successfully teach.  We were able to commit here to read then part and we told her we would return and teach her.

That night I felt so tired I almost fell asleep on the Jeepney ride home, which is impossible.  Anyways thinking that that was an amazing experience, last night we got a text that a member needed a blessing of comfort.  We had two appointments, but told her we could try.  As we taught it was around 8pm but the 2nd appointment we couldn't find so we went over.  We found the member and talked to her asking why she wanted one.  Her dad is a nonmember and we have only taught him once, but last night he got drunk and then kept telling his kids he wanted to die.  It's been about 4 years since his wife has passed and last night he just became super depressed.  Now for years his daughter has been trying to find a way to get her father baptized and now she worries he never will here on earth.  So I gave her a blessing and again last night I felt the Spirit walk into my body and give this woman a blessing that helped her know what she needed to do.

Of course after both of these I was so excited and kept telling my companion this is amazing.  I realized something was different with us then my last companionship.  He told me that night that what he has done everyday and every lesson is pray for the spirit to help me.... I can testify of not only the power of prayer but I know that the spirit is the best teacher.  When we can master following the spirit that when we fully submit ourselves to the work and the glory of God.

I love you guys and miss you too!!  Take care and have a great week!!  Also I got pictures from my last baptism.  She is amazing and so strong in the gospel.  Well I got to go but take care this week!!!!  Also we keep hearing something about American Economy shutting down???  What Happened???  Well Love you All!  BYE!!! - Elder Sarmiento

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jollibee....Pinoy Style!!

This week was great, we had another Baptism!!!

Another Great Day!

Calamba Ward Family

I got another companion.  That is one companion every transfer.   I found out he is from Utah, plays Lacrosse and is going to BYU-I.  He is German & American and I  also found out he goes home in November!!  That means next transfer he will be going home and I will have ANOTHER COMPANION!!!! WOOOO ha ha ha.

Transfer Day

Jollibee...Pinoy Style!  
(like McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese)

Birthday Party of a Ward Member, they invited us to attend......So Cool!!

 It's been a little though but, it's been great with my new companion.  We have done a lot of work and he has helped me a lot with the Language!  We have a baptism coming up and we are excited.  Also here there is a Typhoon that just came through again...the area that was flooded before became worse.  We have members who live in the flood, their house has a little water inside, but the water is so high they use a boat to get to it!!!!  It was crazy but!!!!  We got the go from President to ride in the boat to their house so we could teach them!!  A few times we almost flipped, but we got out alive!!!  Ha ha.

After The Latest Typoon We Were Able To
Travel By Boat To Teach Investigators and Check On Ward Members

Anyways this week has been great!!!  and next week will be better!!  Well I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!!!!  - Elder Sarmiento