Sunday, May 26, 2013

The MTC Is Amazing!!!

As i keep saying... The MTC is amazing!!! I have learned so much in just 4 days. I have learned how to pray and bear my testimony in Tagalog. I have almost memorized the whole thing! At first I had some trouble with the language but, yesturday we practiced and all the sudden the gift of tounges truley hit me! The language truely has been the best thing to learn here! Along with being able to speak the language I can feel the spirit here in the MTC. The spirit is so strong here its overwhelming! I love it here!! I am scheduled to leave in the first week of July. So the whole 6 weeks I am here! In the district I am put in there is 4 Elders and 7 Sisters. Our zone is consisted of 16 Sisters and 7 Elders. It is crazy cause they say the MTC is almost at 50/50 with Elder to Sister ratio, but it seems like the Sisters rule the MTC haha. My companion is Elder Sorensen. He is from Fallen Navada and is the best companion!  He is having trouble with the language and he loves me cause I help him at times. Together we taught our first investigator in Tagalog.... It was interesting. We didn't really know what he was saying so we answered all his questions with Opo (yes). We were hoping he wasnt trying to trick us! haha But we get to try again with teaching him tonight at 7. We are gonna be planning all day today when we can. I love it here and the atmosphere we are emersed in. It is truely amazing. I keep on forgetting that I am in UTAH.  I feel like im on a seperate island haha. I get reminded every time I see the Y outside my window on the mountain. It is so much fun though. Everyone that is surrounded by me all is learning Tagalog. I found out while I have been in here that there is actually 22 MISSIONS in the Philippines! ITS CRAZY!  There is litteraly like 25% of the missionaries here that are going to the Philippines. Its crazy to see all of them!   Well I got to go but, I miss everyone!  If Anyone was looking for advise (RYKER) I would say to practice waking up early and prepare to study for 2 hours a day at least!!!  Its really hard for me to study straight throughout the time. I luckly have a companion who keeps me on track.  I'll send another email next Saturday so i'll see you all then!! Kita Kits!!!!!    ELDER SARMIENTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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