Saturday, June 29, 2013

Travel Plans...and Footie Pajamas

So this week has been crazy!!! My pics aren't loading up so I can't send anything, but my companion and I have been chosen to be Zone Leaders. As part of being a Zone leader in our branch they have passed down footie pajamas for us to wear everynight as we check on our districts in the residence. Also thanks to the Johnson's; I have survived off of their Cinnimon rolls this last week. Thank you so very much for that!!! You guys are awesome!!! It's been amazing though, we have been able to learn the rest of the basic grammar of the Tagalog language. Now our teachers go into depth on the language. As we have been working harder, we have been getting so confused, but through our efforts and through faith we have been able to understand it all. This last Friday we also were able to get our flight plans!!!! I leave next Monday, July 1st. We are flying to Oregon and then to Tokyo!!!!! It's awesome!! Anyways I can't wait to get there!! ALSO if you see the broadcast look for me in the chior!!!!! It's gonna be amazing tomorrow!!! ANYWAYS!!! I love you all and miss everyone!! Hope you're all doing great!!!! I gotta go, but KITA KITS!!!!!


Sorry for the late mom asked me to update this for her last week and I forgot :/ my bad! If you have time, you can find Elder Sarmiento on the broadcast video 2 minutes and 22 seconds in. Here's the video below:

I have also recorded it and posted a video clip on Instagram and Facebook and I will tag Elder Sarmiento on the Facebook post. Since he leaves in two days, I'm guessing you should just start sending letters to the Philippines! My dad said you can send letters to Elder Sarmiento through Dear Elder to the San Pablo, Philippines mission for FREE! Who doesn't like free?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

OK so where to begin......
This last week has been a breakthrough!!!!! I am getting the language more and more!!! Everyday is like an up and down experience. Bakit (why?) hindi ko alam!!! (i dont know!)  Its frustraighting at times but, it is interesting that when ever I am about to teach someone both my companion and I have been able to speak Tagalog better than we thought it was gonna be. We are having wonderful experiences here together. I love my companion so much!  He is so hilarious its great!

Anyways, the update for this next weekend is that next Saturday or Sunday we get our flight plans so we know where and when we leave for the Philippines!!!!!!!  :O  Isn't that insane!!!!  Its crazy to think I only have 2 weeks!!!  Also the 23!!!!!!  This next Sunday we are going to be singing at the Marriott center for the First Presidency.  They said on that President Thomas S. Monson and Boyd K. Packer PLUS other Apostles are going to speak!!!  If you look at the announcement online it says it will be a Historical Event!!!!!!!  We all think that it may be a announcement the First Presidency is gonna make!!! Its CRAZY!!!!  We are all excited that we have this opportunity to be able to be in this experience! 

Another thing thats weird to think is that I am hosting this next Wednesday!!  I am so happy I get to do that!!  Also to Fathers out there HAPPY Fathers day!! To all my leaders when i was a Priest, Teacher, and Deacon thank you for helping me get set to be able to serve a mission.  It is so amazing to be here.  I love it so much!!  

Alam ko po na totoo po ang Simbahan ni jesucristo. (I know that the church of Jesus Christ is true!!!) its because of my leaders, friends, and bishops that kept me on the path to have the ability to be able to go on a mission. i miss you all very much but, I love my Mission more! 

Talk to you later!!!! -ELDER SARMIENTO :) 

For those a bit confused a "Host" is a Missionary who has been at the MTC for a few weeks and is able to greet new Missionaries at the Drop Off zone and walk them into the MTC to help get them processed.  When we approached the Drop Off Zone, we noticed so many elders but I didn't want to say goodbye just yet so we drove down as far as we could.  As we pulled into our spot we see it was a Sister Missionary.  We all laughed an said "Oh J, you get a girl to Escort you in".  As we were all crying and saying our goodbyes we look up and this 19 year old girl was crying herself.  Such a sweet moment.  They were all tears of joy but bitter sweet none the less.  Now Elder Sarmiento is able to do the same for some amazing family.  

As for the Broadcast next Sunday June 23rd, this is going to be a Historical Event.  They have asked 1,100 of the 2,400 missionaries at the MTC to sing at this event.  Elder Sarmiento will be one of 1,100, we will be glued to the TV watching for him.  You can view this on BYU Channel or online at   For more information please log onto:

Sending Elder Sarmiento Letters Means So Much To Him

You can start sending letters to the Philippines for Elder Sarmiento to receive once he arrives there. 

Elder James Thomas Sarmiento
Philippines San Pablo Mission
Barangay San Juan, Alaminos
4001 Laguna

You can also send him letters for free through, these letters are printed up and placed in envelopes as sent to either the MTC or Philippines as letters.  While in the MTC if you do this before 4pm PST he will receive it the same day.  If you are sending to the Philippines I think it may take at least 2 weeks. 

Instructions for
Log Onto
Select from the drop down menu:  either Provo MTC or Philippines San Pablo
Then Select from the drop down menu:  Write Letter
Information is just like addressing an envelope, at the MTC his Unit# is 15 and the Mission Code is just Philippines San Pablo

He loves hearing from everyone, thank you to those who have sent packages and letters.

MTC San Pablo District June 2013

MTC Philippines, San Pablo Mission District Missionaries.  A few leave for the Philippines June 16th & 17th with the remaining Missionaries leaving the first week in July.  They will all be working together in San Pablo, and will be friends forever!  

Walking Through The Fog

So this week has been interesting. my head esplodes everyday haha. The language is kicking me in the butt. I know that through not just obedience but exact obedience helps me throughout my day. As David A. Bednar says "When we go through our day, it is like walking through fog.  We cant see anything in front of us. There is just enough light out to see. as we seek for faith and we are obedient the fog clears just enough for us to take a few more steps." I know that as I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we are able to continue walking. Sometimes we get discouraged from things but, through faith we must keep moving. I love the gospel and I love the MTC,  besides the food. Well I got to go but, I love you all!! Talk to you later!!!! -Elder Sarmiento

Saturday, June 1, 2013

MTC Pictures

Elder JT Sarmiento with Elder Dallin Hunt
Friends from College and were able to meet up in the 
MTC before Elder Hunt headed out for Monterey Mexico.  
Good Luck Dallin, have a great two years!! 
See you soon!!!!

My room view of the infamous "Y Mount"

 Elder Sarmientos Classmates in his Tagalog Language Class

JTs Closet with a little Family Joke form Sponge Bob........

Book of Mormon in Tagalog

The 22 Philippine Missions Outlined
Check out San Pablo, it's Huge!!!

The View From the Provo Temple

How Can My Prayer Be Personally Answered??

So its week two almost week three already!!!! the MTC is so much fun!!! 

Elders Sarmiento & Sorenson MTC Companions 

We have learned thoughout the week the importance of investigators and how they must truely find out for themselves the importance of the Holy Ghost in their lives. This last sunday we had someone speak.  This was the fourth day I was in the MTC. As he was about to speak he was prompted from the spirit to not speak on the talk he had but, to let the spirit promt him on what to say. As he went on he asked all of us who had questions to pray to promt him for answers. As I sat there and pondered in my chair I had thought about what I previously did throughout the last few days since I had entered. As I sat there and said a personal prayer, I asked to give me a reason to keep going.  As I finished I felt discouraged that my prayer wasn't going to get answered. There is about 2,400 missionaries and I thought how can mine be personally answered.  Throughout the talk I kept on realizing that the speaker wasnt going to answer it.  Then he paused, he told the tech guys to show a clip of a commercial he had previously made a few years ago. It was of a little girl who had a problem with her legs where she couldn't use them and she was on a swim team.  Her swim team would compete in every meet they could but, they never won a single race. Later they said the importance of this girl is that she would never give up her races. she would continue until she finished. At that point my answer came to me, just like my mom would say, "Finish what you start"!!  I was so happy and began balling. It was so amazing and its what has kept me to wake up at 6:30 evey morning!  It is so amazing here and I love it!!  I hope everyone is doing amazing!!!  Well I have to go for this week!!  I love you all and I hope to talk to everyone soon!!!   BYE

Elder Sarmiento

PDay #2 Elder Sarmiento spent his whole hour online trying to send us pictures...with the help of a Sister Missionary..... ha ha.

He wasn't able to tell us much more than the letter for his blog but he did say he is loving the MTC.  
This week was awesome, we learned so much and found out we are teaching our two teachers as investigators next week!  One of them is the hardest teacher here.  It's great though!!  I learn so much every day.  Theres a sister in my district who is going to help me send my pictures.  Also for those who don't know Mom has sent me a letter literally every day through!  There is one letter that was so long they gave it to me on three separate letters.  I was busting out laughing cause each one said "continuted".... ha ha.

Cassandra asked me "does someone miss her son"?  ha ha No, well maybe.  ha ha.