Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1200 Steps, Views and a Humble Family........

This week Elder Sarmiento didn't have much time but sent a few pictures.  He wishes everyone a Happy Easter and Congratulations to AJ & Kacy Armstrong!!!!!

PDay Hike On "1200 Steps"  With Our District Leaders

Corned Beef & Spaghetti

There is a humble family in the area of the District Leader.  For some reason they love us so as we visited them they immediately wanted us to have dinner.  So we bought the food for them and they cooked it for us.  After this along with sharing a great message, 
we departed but they are a cool family.  

There Is No Other Way..........

First off I don't have pictures again cause my camera died and I haven't charged it :/  Second off I am doing well.  My companion things he will be transferred this week which is a possibility and well its kinda hard but Im doing my best trying to keep being an example.  BTW we will find out soon when Mothers Day Skype is so when we do I will let you know!!!!  It's still next month Ya Know!
(all I did was ask what day he would be able to call for mothers day...yep I'm a little excited)

Also we just watch General Conference yesterday last Saturday and it was really good.  I don't know if you guys caught on but, here all the Missionaries are wondering what big thing is coming?  As you have heard when people spoke on Saturday they talked about how we must be courages.  We must stand for the Church and we must have the roots of our faith wrapped around the rock of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we will not fall, we will not feel weak and that we will not Fail when the adversary that we all know as Lucifer or Satan opens the very gates of Hell upon us.  I have learned that as we do this by reading and praying not only daily but weekly, with the family, it will prepare us for these hard times that are to come.  Why will it be hard??  Because sadly people have to make a choice here on Earth.  That choice is to follow the Father and Son Jesus Christ or follow Satan.  It will be hard because for most they will take into consideration temptations and worthless things here on earth that we cannot take with us to the other side! As a Missionary I have listened and noted then later pondered the things with the Prophet and the Apostles along with Quorum of the Seventy.  I have realized and can bare witness that we will all be tested in our lives who we will follow and what desires we have in our heart.  For those who may feel a need to know where their desires are, I strongly give advise...to ask for Missionaries not to convert you to this church because we speak of Salvation.  But to listen to Missionaries like me, to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ s that you may come to know if this is the way of the Lord.  I bare my testimony that this is the Church of Jesus Christ!  I know he lives!!!  As is says in the Chapter of 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, "there is no other way".  I know that that statement is true!  Through the Lords Gospel it is not simple that we are just saved, but we start our long path in beginning to follow the Savior and Redeemer of our souls.  I know that is true and exhort all to just try it if your looking for the truth.  I close these things that I know that Jesus is the Christ, the very Son of God.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
(although his english is broken a bit, his spirit is so so so strong in his testimony) 

Well there is something for everyone, so I love you all and got to go.  Have a great week!!!

INGAT PO KAYO- Elder Sarmiento

Some People Are So Hard To Teach........

Hey guys so this week has been good.  We had a lot of progression in all aspects of the work.  Along with that we had  a Zone Conference this last week where Zones in the Mission get together, in our Zone Conference 3 Zones.  We have a big meeting for most of the day about how we can be better and do better things as a Mission.  It was good, but our President was sick so he didn't attend.  Along with the workshops from the Assistants to the President, there was a surprise visit from the Head Doctor here in the Philippines, who is in the MTC here.  He spoke to us about being Smart and not Stupid...yes he talked about wrestling, playing, abusing and many more things about animals that he has come across.  It was funny, but yea I understand and I am not going to do the Wrestling with a Cow/Bull ever again...ha ha.

Other than that we have had some interesting hard times.  For example, yesterday we had a referral from members and as we went & taught the man we found out he is Inglesia ni cristo (church of Christ).  BY FAR THE HARDEST PEOPLE TO TEACH.  The church started from a man back in the day who was Mormon and as he tried to become an Apostle and was denied and not called as one.  He left the Church and began his own.  After a period of time, before he died, he tried to stop the church seeing his abomination and it was too big at the time.  So now these people actually have things floe to what we have.  They have Apostles, but no Prophet.  They have Temples and Ordinances also, but I don't think they have anything else like the Church of Jesus Christ has.  Its been crazy though cause as we tried to teach the man would interrupt us and for me I had the same experience so for me I had patience and kinda knew it would happen.  My companion though was getting very angry and at one point my companion tried to share deep doctrine to stop the man.  It never works & like most, the man just continued.  Anyways it was interesting and well my companion learned a lot and for me,  I did too!!!

Its been a great week & I have had a lot of fun.  So anyways I got to go but I love you guys, take care this week guys... BYE!!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

Oh The Animals You Meet........

While tracking this week we found some pretty sweet animals.........

Turning Points, Faith and Work.......

So this week has been a good week!!!  Like usual there is always some hard times in the Mission and well this last week we had a lot of people who dropped us.  But, as we have been having the faith and going forth like the Sons of Mosiah, we have able to see much progression.  We have about 8 new investigators and many new areas we have been able to work in that we haven't before.  I have really learned this week that Patience is a big part in Missionary Work.  Many Returned Missionaries would say that you need patience for your companion, but its not just your companion.  Its also in your area where you serve and who you serve.  As I have been working here in my ears its been a a little hard to see the little progression we have.  As I have read in Preach My Gospel & in the Scriptures I have learned a lot about this is not the first time in Missionary work people have been discouraged.  As I read the story of the Sons of Mosiah its helped me a lot about patience along with Faith and with Hope.  As we have applied this in the area I am in, we have seen much progression in not just the area but, within ourselves.

This week has been an amazing week!!!!!  I have learned a lot and not just here in the Mission, but I have also pondered on how I can apply this in my life after.  I love this Mission so much, if only the time could stop, but the learning can continue.  I wish if it wasn't true, but I am almost at my year mark.  I know the Lord has things in store for me to do here in the Mission.  I will do my best to learn new things and apply them also.  Well anyways its been a great week!!!  

Well I got to go so take care everyone.  I love and miss you all!!!

Have A Great Week- Elder Sarmiento

Bed Bugs, Ghost Busters, Service and Transfers...or not

This week, its been good.  We have a problem in our apartment though.  We found out this week after many sleepless nights from itching, we found Bed Bugs were in our apartment....but we just got our place sprayed and we get our laundry cleaned.... For Free!!!!! :D  It was really bad but we don't need anything.  The couple Missionaries in my area is dealing with everything so its all good.  We found out that in our Zone, there are 5 apartments to be sprayed!  I guess its been spreading in some places. Mom don't worry, trust me.  The guy left us some pesticieds incase we have any more problems.

So we got to help a Farmer water his plants this week... ha ha. But you can say I'm a Ghost Buster!!!  ha ha

Mission Batchmates, We Will All Leave The Same Time

So my companion and I are still here & from what we know as of now, this will be My First companion for more that a Transfer!!!!

Well I am out of time, I Love You All -Elder Sarmiento

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Challenge Your Faith, Who's Joining Me........

Well Hello my Brothers & Sisters!!! So this week has been a fast and amazing week.  Despite the challenges, hardships and trials I have had this transfer I realized this is the last week before the end of this Transfer :(  It has been so fast and yet I have learned so much.  Somethings here in this area that I have learned is Man!! I HAVE LOST WEIGHT!!!! ha ha  Its been great cause when there is a dog barking and coming I can get away faster!!ha ha

Other than that though I have realized the importance of being lost in Missionary Work.  As I have gone through this transfer with what has belt like the speed of lightening I have noticed something that maybe all people need to know.  As  Missionaries we are called to be Full Time Missionaries to preach and teach the gospel.  Now our leaders have come out and said that it should not just be Missionaries who are full time but all members need to Missionaries.  Why does this need to happen??  As we went to church yesterday I was excited with the commitments we had from all members and investigators to attend church.  Sadly we had our attendance shrink on Sunday and had 2 our of 15 investigators attend.  Now of course it is still great that there was two, I know that but, what I have realized is as we have done this we really need the help of members.  As we work and work everyday we cannot go to all people every day and make sure they do these commitments.  Its hard but, this is the need of members.

I ask all who read this to Challenge your Faith Brothers & Sisters.  As we are at this time of need close to the second coming, we all need to be in this work to help the Salvation of our Brothers and Sisters who are beside us in this world.  The Lord prepares paths for us like for Nephi as he prepares his tasks of getting the Brass Plates.

I know that as members, as you do this its no a now way blessing for those you help, but this will increase your faith in the Lord.  It will bring you closer to him and Ultimately he will be please with the work you do.  I know that this is the tasks we have all received from our Leaders and as we do this we will be blessed.  Now I got to go, I Love You All and I hope you all help with this work.  I know this work is true and whoever, wherever the help is needed.  So take care to all this week.

I Love & Miss You All!!!!!
Well Have a Great Week- Love Elder Sarmiento

 Fried Banana in Lumpia Wrapper

Ward Members Here Are Awesome

Baptism, Root Beer, Ice Creme, Hikes, Zone PDay and Amazing View of My Area....

So this week has been a great week.  For starters this last weekend we were able to baptize the last member of a family into the Church.  They are now a completed family, all they need to do next is be sealed!!!!  The father is a bit less active, but as we have been teaching we have been encouraging him to come back.  Along with that we have had a crazy week of finding more people to teach.  Our area that I am in now is considered a tough area.  For most of the mission you can get 20 lessons in a week & consider it a very hard working week.  For us we have been able to get 17 so we are almost there.  ha ha anyways its been a really great week and we are hoping for even more to come!!! 

Personally I have now seen the effect of having a bunch of native companions.  Since my second area I have been only able to communicate with my companions in Tagalog and well its tough but, for some reason most time s is easier for me to just naturally speak Tagalog then English.  I also have been getting pretty dark in my tan!!  ha ha ha well over all its been a great week!!

I love it in my area so much because its hard!!  I have realized the harder the more you learn.  And even though I have many moments where I feel I don't know what to do I receive new revelation and well it makes me grow.  As I learn these things I have had later revelation on how it can effect my live by applying it in normal days form me back home.  

Well I have been having a great week!!   I hope you all are also have a great week! 
I love you all and hope your doing well!!!!  
Take Care !!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

So today we went on a PDay Zone Hike, we almost made it t to the top

But ran out of time and had to come down the mountain

Amazing View of my area!!!!!

This family is now ready to be Sealed

My Companion having Root Beer for the First Time!

Here is a Pic of some Elder that came with me to the San Pablo Mission.  On the Far Right is Elder Taukeiaho from UT....I think I spelt his name right...well anyways yea.

Celebrating My 20th With The Lord and Our Savior……..

Hey so this weeks been great!!!  For my Birthday we had some Aso as Breakfast!!!! I guess if you don't know what that is you will have to ask my dad or google translate it!!  ha ha.  Other than that our area has been pretty hard.  There is no investigators and barely some progression.  We have been able though to find members and work with some.  This last week we have been able to find a lot.  Its been good, but hard at the same time, but it keeps us busy.

Other than that we have nada a lot of fun still.  My companion is happy cause the last Elder here wasn't the best.  He chastised and offend about everyone.  I guess everytime someone did something wrong he would tell them to repent and be clean for their sins....Yea people here too are happy I'm not like that.

Last Sunday as we had a meeting some members where not too friendly with us saying hat the last elder didn't want to visit them.  As they washed us if we wanted to visit them I pulled off my name tag and asked them my name!!  As they said Elder Sarmiento I said "YES WHICH MEANS I AM A DIFFERENT MISSIONARY"!!!!  ha ha.  They were pretty shocked and well now we have all these referrals people just gave us yesterday.  I noticed how much I have changed too cause I know for a fact if I went back to the time before my mission ,well I wouldn't have done that.

Its been good though, we have been changing peoples minds about missionaries are not all chastising people and its been good!!!  Well hay I got to go, but I'l send some great pics!!!!!

Bell I love you all!! - Elder Sarmiento


Ward Building

BTW you can see pics of me and what I would like if I wore moms wigs!!!!

This is a member who is getting ready to serve his Mission