Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Challenge Your Faith, Who's Joining Me........

Well Hello my Brothers & Sisters!!! So this week has been a fast and amazing week.  Despite the challenges, hardships and trials I have had this transfer I realized this is the last week before the end of this Transfer :(  It has been so fast and yet I have learned so much.  Somethings here in this area that I have learned is Man!! I HAVE LOST WEIGHT!!!! ha ha  Its been great cause when there is a dog barking and coming I can get away faster!!ha ha

Other than that though I have realized the importance of being lost in Missionary Work.  As I have gone through this transfer with what has belt like the speed of lightening I have noticed something that maybe all people need to know.  As  Missionaries we are called to be Full Time Missionaries to preach and teach the gospel.  Now our leaders have come out and said that it should not just be Missionaries who are full time but all members need to Missionaries.  Why does this need to happen??  As we went to church yesterday I was excited with the commitments we had from all members and investigators to attend church.  Sadly we had our attendance shrink on Sunday and had 2 our of 15 investigators attend.  Now of course it is still great that there was two, I know that but, what I have realized is as we have done this we really need the help of members.  As we work and work everyday we cannot go to all people every day and make sure they do these commitments.  Its hard but, this is the need of members.

I ask all who read this to Challenge your Faith Brothers & Sisters.  As we are at this time of need close to the second coming, we all need to be in this work to help the Salvation of our Brothers and Sisters who are beside us in this world.  The Lord prepares paths for us like for Nephi as he prepares his tasks of getting the Brass Plates.

I know that as members, as you do this its no a now way blessing for those you help, but this will increase your faith in the Lord.  It will bring you closer to him and Ultimately he will be please with the work you do.  I know that this is the tasks we have all received from our Leaders and as we do this we will be blessed.  Now I got to go, I Love You All and I hope you all help with this work.  I know this work is true and whoever, wherever the help is needed.  So take care to all this week.

I Love & Miss You All!!!!!
Well Have a Great Week- Love Elder Sarmiento

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