Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some People Are So Hard To Teach........

Hey guys so this week has been good.  We had a lot of progression in all aspects of the work.  Along with that we had  a Zone Conference this last week where Zones in the Mission get together, in our Zone Conference 3 Zones.  We have a big meeting for most of the day about how we can be better and do better things as a Mission.  It was good, but our President was sick so he didn't attend.  Along with the workshops from the Assistants to the President, there was a surprise visit from the Head Doctor here in the Philippines, who is in the MTC here.  He spoke to us about being Smart and not Stupid...yes he talked about wrestling, playing, abusing and many more things about animals that he has come across.  It was funny, but yea I understand and I am not going to do the Wrestling with a Cow/Bull ever again...ha ha.

Other than that we have had some interesting hard times.  For example, yesterday we had a referral from members and as we went & taught the man we found out he is Inglesia ni cristo (church of Christ).  BY FAR THE HARDEST PEOPLE TO TEACH.  The church started from a man back in the day who was Mormon and as he tried to become an Apostle and was denied and not called as one.  He left the Church and began his own.  After a period of time, before he died, he tried to stop the church seeing his abomination and it was too big at the time.  So now these people actually have things floe to what we have.  They have Apostles, but no Prophet.  They have Temples and Ordinances also, but I don't think they have anything else like the Church of Jesus Christ has.  Its been crazy though cause as we tried to teach the man would interrupt us and for me I had the same experience so for me I had patience and kinda knew it would happen.  My companion though was getting very angry and at one point my companion tried to share deep doctrine to stop the man.  It never works & like most, the man just continued.  Anyways it was interesting and well my companion learned a lot and for me,  I did too!!!

Its been a great week & I have had a lot of fun.  So anyways I got to go but I love you guys, take care this week guys... BYE!!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

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