Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Turning Points, Faith and Work.......

So this week has been a good week!!!  Like usual there is always some hard times in the Mission and well this last week we had a lot of people who dropped us.  But, as we have been having the faith and going forth like the Sons of Mosiah, we have able to see much progression.  We have about 8 new investigators and many new areas we have been able to work in that we haven't before.  I have really learned this week that Patience is a big part in Missionary Work.  Many Returned Missionaries would say that you need patience for your companion, but its not just your companion.  Its also in your area where you serve and who you serve.  As I have been working here in my ears its been a a little hard to see the little progression we have.  As I have read in Preach My Gospel & in the Scriptures I have learned a lot about this is not the first time in Missionary work people have been discouraged.  As I read the story of the Sons of Mosiah its helped me a lot about patience along with Faith and with Hope.  As we have applied this in the area I am in, we have seen much progression in not just the area but, within ourselves.

This week has been an amazing week!!!!!  I have learned a lot and not just here in the Mission, but I have also pondered on how I can apply this in my life after.  I love this Mission so much, if only the time could stop, but the learning can continue.  I wish if it wasn't true, but I am almost at my year mark.  I know the Lord has things in store for me to do here in the Mission.  I will do my best to learn new things and apply them also.  Well anyways its been a great week!!!  

Well I got to go so take care everyone.  I love and miss you all!!!

Have A Great Week- Elder Sarmiento

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