Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baptism, Root Beer, Ice Creme, Hikes, Zone PDay and Amazing View of My Area....

So this week has been a great week.  For starters this last weekend we were able to baptize the last member of a family into the Church.  They are now a completed family, all they need to do next is be sealed!!!!  The father is a bit less active, but as we have been teaching we have been encouraging him to come back.  Along with that we have had a crazy week of finding more people to teach.  Our area that I am in now is considered a tough area.  For most of the mission you can get 20 lessons in a week & consider it a very hard working week.  For us we have been able to get 17 so we are almost there.  ha ha anyways its been a really great week and we are hoping for even more to come!!! 

Personally I have now seen the effect of having a bunch of native companions.  Since my second area I have been only able to communicate with my companions in Tagalog and well its tough but, for some reason most time s is easier for me to just naturally speak Tagalog then English.  I also have been getting pretty dark in my tan!!  ha ha ha well over all its been a great week!!

I love it in my area so much because its hard!!  I have realized the harder the more you learn.  And even though I have many moments where I feel I don't know what to do I receive new revelation and well it makes me grow.  As I learn these things I have had later revelation on how it can effect my live by applying it in normal days form me back home.  

Well I have been having a great week!!   I hope you all are also have a great week! 
I love you all and hope your doing well!!!!  
Take Care !!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

So today we went on a PDay Zone Hike, we almost made it t to the top

But ran out of time and had to come down the mountain

Amazing View of my area!!!!!

This family is now ready to be Sealed

My Companion having Root Beer for the First Time!

Here is a Pic of some Elder that came with me to the San Pablo Mission.  On the Far Right is Elder Taukeiaho from UT....I think I spelt his name right...well anyways yea.

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