Monday, February 3, 2014

Ibaan, Batangas………..

So this week has been a Crazy Week!!!  As we had transfers we had a good feeling with no calls and no word of us being transferred. As my companion and I moved on to our studies on Saturday (2 days after transfers) my companion and I got a call from President.  I was transferred on Saturday and was immediately sent to my 3rd area called Ibaan, Batangas.  I have gotten to go in lower elevation where it is hotter and I am not in my first Branch!!!!  I am so excited!!!  Its cool to be in a Branch!   My camera died so I don't have pictures yet, but you can all see next week how cool our meeting house is!! What make me love it so much is that even though the church is small in this area the love for Christ and the Church is just as challenging due to the fact that my first day here I had a stomach ache and in the middle of the night I threw up food, but hey work work work and the Lord will do the rest.

I have been able to work and get better super fast!!!! So it's all good now!!!  Other than that I have changed now into a new Province and well this Province is interesting because they use some different words and they use a little bit of a different accent.  At first it was kinda scary, but I know can understand what most people say!!  It's been great and I have only been there for 3 days, but I have learned a lot!!

Well it's been a great week even though it's been crazy, but I know the Lord has things I need to do here and I am ready to do it!!! Well I hope everyone is good and safe back home!!  I hope that everyone is having a good time!!  I KNOW I AM!!!!  Well have a great week everyone!

Take Care
-Love Elder Sarmiento

Exotic Food & A Great Hike……...

So from what you can see we have had a great week!!! Still losing weight and having a blast.  This last week we had a bunch of new investigators and we had so many appointments.  We got to go on splits with some members.  It was quite a test of my own teaching since the member I worked with wasn't too familiar with teaching and didn't like to say much.  We got a lot of new progressing people now.  It's been a little stressful but with the Lords help we have been given the energy to keep it up.  It really has been a blast though here!! Soon we have transfers (this Thursday) so I hope that on Tuesday when they call everyone we aren't transferred.  But we do what the Lord want's so I know there is reasons behind transfers.  It's been a great week though and we have had a lot!!!  

Well I hip everyone is safe back home.  Well I thank all who have sent me emails to me, it means a lot!!!

Love you all and take care
-Elder Sarmiento

Here are some Crazy Things I ate this week…Guess What They Are!!!
We went to an Exotic Restaurant and had some Exotic Food…..

This is Fried Bat….Yep You Read That Right..BAT!  And It Was Disgusting!!!!

Ginataang Palaka….Masarap!!!!

Tripe & Rice….Masarap!!!

We found a bridge on our hike….super cool!!

We also found a Pet Piggy…ha ha

I Finally Got My Christmas Box…..Masarap Pringles!!!!!

So me and my companion have been having a blast!!!  It's been super crazy at the same time though!!!

We have so many people that we are teaching we cannot teach them all in one week.  We are planning to go on splits this week, if the man can in our ward.  Also we have asked our President if we can have 4 Elders.  It's been Awesome though!

We were able to teach the Youth of our Ward here this week.  They are great and we had a lot of fun.

The Package was great!!!  My companion has been trying one of everything.  He loves the Seeds (sunflower seeds) you sent because his first name is David.  I have tried to show him how to eat them but, he thinks its disgusting to eat and spit… he just chews and eats the whole things… Ha Ha!!!

When I asked him how he got the Big Box back to his home he said…. So we just tied it on a Tricycle, I forgot to take a picture.  Then we put it onto of the Jeepney to get it here to Majayjay… ha ha it was quite an adventure, but I got it here!!!!!

My companion says "Masarap Pringles"!!!!!  We sent him some Pringles

I got myself a new Sketch Pad and started to Pen & Ink the Manilla Temple. 

Take Care
-Elder Sarmiento

Blessings From Prayers……..

So it's been a great week here.  But before I say anything….how is everyone??  It's been good.  Recently I have been waking up at 5am for language study cause my Tagalog needs a lot of improvement still.  Also we have been having a lot of progression in the area.  For example, this last Sundays attendance went from 88 to 126!!!!  Along with that we were able to receive 12 referrals and 7 new investigators.  It's been a whole lot of numbers and a whole lot of people too.  We have been able to really work hard though.  We heard that the highest number that Missionaries have taught lessons were 31 in a week and well for us this week we got 35.  So we haven't been focusing on the numbers just to beat others, but we have been really just focusing on keeping up the people we find and teach without losing anyone.  So it's been a great week for us.  What I have learned from all of this week is something that applied to me and my companion.  Hopefully can apply to all.  That is that as we have been getting these blessings it's been because of our prayers.  Whats made the numbers not just jump up but be maintained as high numbers is the fact that both my companion and I have been trying to make ourselves more obedient just so we can help all of these people as we are examples to them.  It's been a hard but rewarding task.  Not for the numbers and not for the pride but doing this to an area, but I have been able to see the effect that the Gospel has in their lives.  It's amazing to see the spirit change someone in just one lesson.  I have learned that this not only is in Missionary work, but in our lives too. As the Lord blesses us what do we do with these blessings?  Do we ask for more and expect more or do we try our best to follow his commandments and follow the things he wants us to?  Its been a great week this week and I miss you all!!!!!  Hopefully you are all safe and well.  

Well I got to go but have a great week to all!!!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

Tripe and Rice…..Masarap!!!! 

Sunset in Majayjay

Iron Man 1

Iron Man 2

Spider Hanging Out….Yikes

Thats One Big Spider!!!!

Sleeping on the Jeepney

Lessons In The Park