Monday, February 3, 2014

I Finally Got My Christmas Box…..Masarap Pringles!!!!!

So me and my companion have been having a blast!!!  It's been super crazy at the same time though!!!

We have so many people that we are teaching we cannot teach them all in one week.  We are planning to go on splits this week, if the man can in our ward.  Also we have asked our President if we can have 4 Elders.  It's been Awesome though!

We were able to teach the Youth of our Ward here this week.  They are great and we had a lot of fun.

The Package was great!!!  My companion has been trying one of everything.  He loves the Seeds (sunflower seeds) you sent because his first name is David.  I have tried to show him how to eat them but, he thinks its disgusting to eat and spit… he just chews and eats the whole things… Ha Ha!!!

When I asked him how he got the Big Box back to his home he said…. So we just tied it on a Tricycle, I forgot to take a picture.  Then we put it onto of the Jeepney to get it here to Majayjay… ha ha it was quite an adventure, but I got it here!!!!!

My companion says "Masarap Pringles"!!!!!  We sent him some Pringles

I got myself a new Sketch Pad and started to Pen & Ink the Manilla Temple. 

Take Care
-Elder Sarmiento

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