Monday, February 3, 2014

Blessings From Prayers……..

So it's been a great week here.  But before I say anything….how is everyone??  It's been good.  Recently I have been waking up at 5am for language study cause my Tagalog needs a lot of improvement still.  Also we have been having a lot of progression in the area.  For example, this last Sundays attendance went from 88 to 126!!!!  Along with that we were able to receive 12 referrals and 7 new investigators.  It's been a whole lot of numbers and a whole lot of people too.  We have been able to really work hard though.  We heard that the highest number that Missionaries have taught lessons were 31 in a week and well for us this week we got 35.  So we haven't been focusing on the numbers just to beat others, but we have been really just focusing on keeping up the people we find and teach without losing anyone.  So it's been a great week for us.  What I have learned from all of this week is something that applied to me and my companion.  Hopefully can apply to all.  That is that as we have been getting these blessings it's been because of our prayers.  Whats made the numbers not just jump up but be maintained as high numbers is the fact that both my companion and I have been trying to make ourselves more obedient just so we can help all of these people as we are examples to them.  It's been a hard but rewarding task.  Not for the numbers and not for the pride but doing this to an area, but I have been able to see the effect that the Gospel has in their lives.  It's amazing to see the spirit change someone in just one lesson.  I have learned that this not only is in Missionary work, but in our lives too. As the Lord blesses us what do we do with these blessings?  Do we ask for more and expect more or do we try our best to follow his commandments and follow the things he wants us to?  Its been a great week this week and I miss you all!!!!!  Hopefully you are all safe and well.  

Well I got to go but have a great week to all!!!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

Tripe and Rice…..Masarap!!!! 

Sunset in Majayjay

Iron Man 1

Iron Man 2

Spider Hanging Out….Yikes

Thats One Big Spider!!!!

Sleeping on the Jeepney

Lessons In The Park

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