Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh My Gulay…….

This week has been so interesting.  My tagalog with my last companion had stayed the same, but now it's been better.  My companion has been helping me with the language a lot cause I have a lot of habits that are wrong and my teaching still needs a little work, but its been really good!!!

Here are my shoes and well I think I should be good but yea.

The first ones, the soles fell off.  That's from my first area (Calamba).  You can tell with how much walking we have been doing.  Yea, we do that much!!!!

So heres a sign from a Meeting House they used to have here, and through a bagio the meeting hows was destroyed (yea more broken language.  We are not quite sure what he is saying here but we think there must have been a storm)  So a family keeps it in their home.

Its official, I have lost 20 lbs since I have been here and well I have been reminded by one of my batch mates who is filipino that we are almost 8 months!!  Oh my gulay (vegetables)….ha ha.
This phrase has now become our family favorite expression.

P Day at a Japanese Garden, on top of a Mountain….So Cool!!!

Well I don't have much time so I go to go, but I will talk to you guys next week!!

Love and miss you all!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

BTW, I had a Bukai that was fresh.

Also this week and well I say the Lion King is real life!!! ha ha

We think what he meant to say is he saw wild animals like in the Lion King, in real life…..it's a Water Buffalo. 

Ok well I got to go, Love You All!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

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