Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Much To Share.......

This Week Elder Sarmiento ran out of time to create his Blog is what he shared with us. Week 2 in the Philippines for Elder Sarmiento SPIDER.....SPIDER......SPIDER.....POISONOUS SPIDER!!!! YEP That spider is so big, here it is in comparison to Elder Sarmiento's Shoe...... Here is a picture of his First Zone Conference in Calamba, it looks like it went well. Then Elder Sarmiento found Burger King....but according to the picture I don't think thats a Whopper....maybe a Whopper JR??? While walking they saw this sign.... Vote Boy Sarmiento for After turning down a street they ran into this..... St James School Oh but thats not it.....Of course no Sarmiento can resist finding the nearest Emergency Room for an Asthma Attack. Elder Sarmiento said this was the best Hospital and yet it was "So Sketch" according to him. ha ha He has Sweated A Lot!!! He has bumped his head many times getting into the Jeepney buses, the local mode of transportation. And he gets along great with his companion Elder Maniano. It looks like Elder Sarmiento is losing weight already!!!! Kita Kits - Elder Sarmiento's Family

The People Of Calamba Are So Humble.......

So I am in the Philippines!!! Where to begin....The People here are so funny. They look at me as if I am a Star, the kids look at me as if I am Godzilla...ha ha!!! What I love about being here is the ability of the people to look for the good in things. Most people here build their own homes out of scraps of things. Most of the people here can almost make it with living the way they do, but they all have smiles on their faces when they see the Missionaries. At church yesterday we had like 100 people attend. Some didn't have white shirts and ties. Some had to walk for miles to get to church. I truly have taken for granted everything I have back home. I have seen so many blessings I have received throughout my life. These people here are so humble. I love it here so much because these people are so ready to hear about our messages we have for them! I will admit, the work isn't easy. It's not easy because it is the Lords work. The Lords work and way, is to teach people one by one. To love them one by one. It is so much fun and I am so glad to be here! I miss you all and Love you all with all my heart! Until next week..... Mahal Kita!!!! -Elder Sarmiento

It's Time To Move On To The Philippines!!!!!

Hi Kevin!!! (family joke) So as you all may have seen my 2 moments of fame, I was on the Work and Salvation Broadcast. Small but, I was on! So this last week has been crazy!!! We had our In-Feild Orientation yesterday, where they pretty much talked about everything that we haven't learned about being a missionary in general. I have had a blast, but I am sad. It was a fun last week here in the MTC and it is going to be sad to leave all of the wonderful Missionaries in my Zone! I have been so happy to be a Zone Leader for people because I have been able to help them so much as they had began their first full week here in the MTC. But now its time to move on to the Mission Field in the Philippines!!!! I leave on Monday and I get in Wednesday at 1am....this will be interesting, ha ha. I am so excited and I can't wait! I hope everyone back at home is doing great! Brother....I mean Bishop Morris CONGRATS!!!!! I heard the news from a letter my mom sent me...ha ha. I love you all and cannot express the thank you all deserve that helped me get to this point now! The Broadcast was amazing! Ten minutes before the 12 Apostles walked in we had a feeling the Prophet wasn't going to speak, because there were no more open seats for him on the stand. But, as I and felt the spirit when the Apostles came in, I had something pop up in the back of my mind. It was a thought of "What makes these men so amazing in our church"? As I continued to ponder I was reminded of something David A. Bednar said in his talk about "Christlike Attributes". If you can find it, its an amazing talk. Anyways he said in his talk, "I know I cannot be an Apostle alone. I know that through the spirit, the lord helps me everyday be who you all see me as". This was something amazing to me! He also talked about how as missionaries we are called of God like him, but Apostles I have realized are Apostles, not because they are successful in life or have been in a War and have amazing stories, they are Apostles because they are intune to the spirit and are masters at passing along the word that the Spirit Directs. It was very interesting to me and I know that the more intune we become, through the spirit, the more we can be amazing as our Apostles. I have learned to love them more and more each day! They are truly called of God for reasons that are never ending. I love the Gospel and I know Jesus suffered and Died so we can return to him again. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. MAHAL KITA!!!! - ELDER SARMIENTO