Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Much To Share.......

This Week Elder Sarmiento ran out of time to create his Blog is what he shared with us. Week 2 in the Philippines for Elder Sarmiento SPIDER.....SPIDER......SPIDER.....POISONOUS SPIDER!!!! YEP That spider is so big, here it is in comparison to Elder Sarmiento's Shoe...... Here is a picture of his First Zone Conference in Calamba, it looks like it went well. Then Elder Sarmiento found Burger King....but according to the picture I don't think thats a Whopper....maybe a Whopper JR??? While walking they saw this sign.... Vote Boy Sarmiento for After turning down a street they ran into this..... St James School Oh but thats not it.....Of course no Sarmiento can resist finding the nearest Emergency Room for an Asthma Attack. Elder Sarmiento said this was the best Hospital and yet it was "So Sketch" according to him. ha ha He has Sweated A Lot!!! He has bumped his head many times getting into the Jeepney buses, the local mode of transportation. And he gets along great with his companion Elder Maniano. It looks like Elder Sarmiento is losing weight already!!!! Kita Kits - Elder Sarmiento's Family

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