Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Investigators We Meet.....

Hey so how is everyone!!! This week was Awesome!!!  We had Zone interviews with President and I got all of you dearelder.com letters then!!!  Also I emailed President this week, I was having trouble and told him the truth.  He really helped me and he told my Companion that I was so Honest to him, that made me happy cause we only have our President for a year then then around this time next year we will get a new Mission President.  For both, I want to be a good Missionary who isn't a burden.

Also this week a Missionary had fought with a member and got transferred.  The missionary who replaced him is an Australian!!! I actually had a full understandable conversation with someone is in English the first time in the field besides President...ha ha.  Other than that yesterday we had been trying to meet with an investigator.  As we waited outside her house there was a group of four guys were drunk across the street from us.  As we waited two had been trying to get our attention asking what our message was. They were being so disrespectful and even when an older man told them to stop and that we were Servants of the Lord, one man continued and said he could beat us up.  My companion was getting so angry and I felt like if he came over he would surely want to fight.  If he did all I could think of was picking him up and throwing him on the ground.  This guy compared to me was like a foot shorter and 80 lbs at least.  I don't think I have ever wanted to stand up for something, like Standing up for the Lord and hi work that we do.

As we left the situation we couldn't feel the spirit the rest of the day.  Although in my mind I was so mad and didn't understand.  It came to the point where i was in bed and couldn't sleep.  Finally I realized that Satan had taken over my thought.  So I prayed for the ability to stop thinking about this little thing and go to sleep.  As I finished my payer I fell asleep within minutes.  I truly realized the next morning the power of God over Satan.  Everyday I learn something new and I learn more about Jesus Christ and God.  Something my President said to me is that the reason why this work is so hard is because you never have had to rely on the Lord everyday to help lead and guide you in everything you do.  I don't think I have realized I need to Humble myself so much.

On my Mission I can truly say I have begun the process of humbling myself.  It is hard, but I can already feel its rewarding effects.  One I think it's all the weight I have lost so far...ha ha.  Anyways the Mission is Amazing!! The things I teach and do everyday not only helps others understand the Lord but it helps me too!!  A mission is truly something that is amazing.  I am so happy to be here.  I love it so much and I can't wait for the up coming challenges.  I know through faith I i will triumph over them all.  I love and miss everyone.  You all are amazing people!! I only have 22 months left!! Its crazy to look at time and see what it can be fast if we make it meaningful.  Anyways I got to go, sorry if my english is becoming worse, but that is good thing right?  Ha ha.

Well INGOT PO TO YOU ALL!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

This Dish is Rice and Fish of 1,000 Bones....Very common dish to eat there

Elder Sarmiento found someones Sweater Vest.....I think he is getting used to the Humidity there???

The Train Crash in Spain is what this family was watching

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