Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Relying On The Lord, Day by Day......

So this last week my companion had to go home, his 2 years are done.  All I can say is that this week has been super hard.  Getting a companion who is going home to work is difficult.  Something that was the hardest for him though was thinking if he helped the mission or if the mission helped him.  When he said that it got my mind going. Something  missionaries do often is judge themselves everyday.  I know I do it.  What we have learned also is that Missionaries will sometimes beat themselves up because as missionaries people see us a perfect examples.  People look to missionaries with all the answers.  As missionaries see their mistakes we sometimes feel as if there is no end to improvement.

I have learned through Christ we can become closer and closer to perfect.  When people look at themselves and shut down on their missions they begin to turn in on themselves and feel bad for themselves.  As we do that we drive further away form the Lord.  That is not what he want's.  I have learned VERY FAST a mission is hard.  Its even harder if you don't rely on the Lord.  A mission is interesting because for most its their first time to really rely on the Lord day by day.  As I have been out I have really worked on humbling myself.  That I can say is something that has been difficult.  The fact to realize that we need the Lord so much is interesting because when I was first out I thought I could do it all with only little help.  Now I know I need all his help to teach.  These last few weeks I have had so much help with the language, I have forgotten words in english at times.  In the moment of trying to figure it out I kinda freak out because I can't remember my native language.  From my fist day I now can see the help I have been given.  I know the Lord loves us all and I know that through the Lord we can become perfect and we can return to live with him again.  I know that this church is true.  

I miss you all and I hope your all doing well.  Until Next week INGOT PO!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

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