Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First Typhoon & Baptism Date Set, All In One Week......

This last week Elder Sarmiento forgot to send me an email specifically for his Blog....but here is what he shared with his family.

Elder Sarmiento: "Hey I'm on and with the best story about last week"
Janessa & Austin: "What is it"?
Eric & Cassandra: "So whats the story"?
Mom: "We heard a Typhoon hit, how was it"?
Dad: "Lots of flooding I'm sure"
Elder Sarmiento: "FUN!  Like Dad says, It Could Be Worse.  So as Mom and Dad said there was a typhoon.  In our area it rained hard for 4 days where it seemed no end.  Now we have been told of its a typhoon one we can work. (this is where his mom has realized he's got the language better now...but  his english is becoming broken)  A Typhoon 1 is kinda windy and rain is pretty bad with some little flooding.  As we would go out and work it would be a Typhoon 1 maybe at times a Typhoon 2.  My companion and I kept on wondering if we should stop but instead we just continued.  As we finished the day and got back to our apartment we met up with the Elders we share our apartment with and talked to them.  For every companionship there is a phone.  Mostly everyone is on the Mission Plan where you can call any other Missionaries for free.  Of course with my luck...ours isn't, and that day we worked, the other Elders had their phone but it was dead.  As they charged it and we were talking, their phone lit up with a bunch of messages.  President and our Zone Leaders were telling us not to work.  So the next few days after were weren't able to work.  Then Saturday was the interview for my investigators baptism.  As we were happy for no rain we walked with determination.  Then we hit her street and found out.....there was a flood as high as up to half of the calf, so great!!!  We still had the Interview and she is getting baptized this weekend!  I can't wait!!!  And for the is some pictures.

Walking Through Flooded Streets in Calamba....BAREFOOT! 
Ugh these boys........

In The Middle Of A Typhoon......Super Cool!!

Elder Sarmiento....No Words To Describe This 

But Do Notice He Is Standing In A Street Thats Flooded Next To A Wooden Boat!
Yep, He Would Take A Picture Next To That....

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  1. These pictures are actually very cool to see. I served in this area in Calamba exactly 9 years ago. I miss it very much. It is a very hard area, but we had a lot of success, especially in getting help from the members. Say hello to the Ermita family over in Rizal Park for me. They will remember Elder Ashby.