Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Putting My Full Faith In Heavenly Father......

Hello Everyone!!!!! So these last two weeks have been interesting....Last week I experienced a Philippino Hospital because I was sick. I never have been so scared in my life. I just had a cold and my asthma was kinda bad. Immediately they wanted to give me a shot!!! Luckily I know the word NO in Tagalog, ha ha.

After I got my antibiotic medicine I had to rest in the apartment for about 3 days. That was tough. Throughout the three days I experienced Satan's power. I say that because the three days all I thought about was Home. I thought about my family, friends and things I would be doing if I was home. It made this week so hard.  I didn't want to work, I didn't want to do anything except go home. Around the end of the week my companion asked what was wrong, he thought he did something that made me angry. As I told him my struggle he completely understood. He also told me from that point I need to trust in the Lord, so I did and went to bed ready for tomorrow. That next morning I still had a struggle, it made me angry and I tried to figure out why.  Saturday night I was writing in my journal and as I did I received revelation.  My faith in the Lord was low.  I had no faith that the Lord would bless my family and friends.  So as I finished my journal entry I wondered how can I strengthen my faith.  I searched in Preach My Gospel and came across the Bible Dictionary, under Faith it says "When we have Faith in the Lord we act with Obedience". I had received the answer I needed.

When It came to Sunday I tried my hardest to be exactly Obedient, and it came with Amazing results. Throughout Church I was able to understand what people were teaching in Tagalog!!  Then after Church we had three appointments, all investigators!! So we went and I lead the Teaching!!  These Lessons were so amazing and the best Tagalog that I have ever spoken!!!! This is something that I can truly testify of!!! Through Faith and obedience the Lord Blesses us!! I know this to be True!!  My desire to serve has grown massively in just one day!!

Well this is my news for the week!!! Hopefully you're all doing amazing. I love the work out here!! I miss you all but, I know the Lord needs me here. I have learned things that feel like it would have taken me a year to learn, it's Amazing!!!

Well,  Ingat Po to you all!!!! - Elder Sarmiento

This was such a hard week for Elder Sarmiento, and as him mom I can truly say my heart is full. I have been chosen to be this great young mans mom and he has shown us great strength in his dark hours. I am grateful he has the knowledge and faith to turn to Heavenly Father and trust in him to help him through his trials. I am blessed to have such an amazing and great Son in Elder James Thomas Sarmiento.  My heart is truly full of gratitude and love.

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