Monday, February 3, 2014

Exotic Food & A Great Hike……...

So from what you can see we have had a great week!!! Still losing weight and having a blast.  This last week we had a bunch of new investigators and we had so many appointments.  We got to go on splits with some members.  It was quite a test of my own teaching since the member I worked with wasn't too familiar with teaching and didn't like to say much.  We got a lot of new progressing people now.  It's been a little stressful but with the Lords help we have been given the energy to keep it up.  It really has been a blast though here!! Soon we have transfers (this Thursday) so I hope that on Tuesday when they call everyone we aren't transferred.  But we do what the Lord want's so I know there is reasons behind transfers.  It's been a great week though and we have had a lot!!!  

Well I hip everyone is safe back home.  Well I thank all who have sent me emails to me, it means a lot!!!

Love you all and take care
-Elder Sarmiento

Here are some Crazy Things I ate this week…Guess What They Are!!!
We went to an Exotic Restaurant and had some Exotic Food…..

This is Fried Bat….Yep You Read That Right..BAT!  And It Was Disgusting!!!!

Ginataang Palaka….Masarap!!!!

Tripe & Rice….Masarap!!!

We found a bridge on our hike….super cool!!

We also found a Pet Piggy…ha ha

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