Monday, February 3, 2014

Ibaan, Batangas………..

So this week has been a Crazy Week!!!  As we had transfers we had a good feeling with no calls and no word of us being transferred. As my companion and I moved on to our studies on Saturday (2 days after transfers) my companion and I got a call from President.  I was transferred on Saturday and was immediately sent to my 3rd area called Ibaan, Batangas.  I have gotten to go in lower elevation where it is hotter and I am not in my first Branch!!!!  I am so excited!!!  Its cool to be in a Branch!   My camera died so I don't have pictures yet, but you can all see next week how cool our meeting house is!! What make me love it so much is that even though the church is small in this area the love for Christ and the Church is just as challenging due to the fact that my first day here I had a stomach ache and in the middle of the night I threw up food, but hey work work work and the Lord will do the rest.

I have been able to work and get better super fast!!!! So it's all good now!!!  Other than that I have changed now into a new Province and well this Province is interesting because they use some different words and they use a little bit of a different accent.  At first it was kinda scary, but I know can understand what most people say!!  It's been great and I have only been there for 3 days, but I have learned a lot!!

Well it's been a great week even though it's been crazy, but I know the Lord has things I need to do here and I am ready to do it!!! Well I hope everyone is good and safe back home!!  I hope that everyone is having a good time!!  I KNOW I AM!!!!  Well have a great week everyone!

Take Care
-Love Elder Sarmiento

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