Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating My 20th With The Lord and Our Savior……..

Hey so this weeks been great!!!  For my Birthday we had some Aso as Breakfast!!!! I guess if you don't know what that is you will have to ask my dad or google translate it!!  ha ha.  Other than that our area has been pretty hard.  There is no investigators and barely some progression.  We have been able though to find members and work with some.  This last week we have been able to find a lot.  Its been good, but hard at the same time, but it keeps us busy.

Other than that we have nada a lot of fun still.  My companion is happy cause the last Elder here wasn't the best.  He chastised and offend about everyone.  I guess everytime someone did something wrong he would tell them to repent and be clean for their sins....Yea people here too are happy I'm not like that.

Last Sunday as we had a meeting some members where not too friendly with us saying hat the last elder didn't want to visit them.  As they washed us if we wanted to visit them I pulled off my name tag and asked them my name!!  As they said Elder Sarmiento I said "YES WHICH MEANS I AM A DIFFERENT MISSIONARY"!!!!  ha ha.  They were pretty shocked and well now we have all these referrals people just gave us yesterday.  I noticed how much I have changed too cause I know for a fact if I went back to the time before my mission ,well I wouldn't have done that.

Its been good though, we have been changing peoples minds about missionaries are not all chastising people and its been good!!!  Well hay I got to go, but I'l send some great pics!!!!!

Bell I love you all!! - Elder Sarmiento


Ward Building

BTW you can see pics of me and what I would like if I wore moms wigs!!!!

This is a member who is getting ready to serve his Mission

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