Saturday, June 1, 2013

How Can My Prayer Be Personally Answered??

So its week two almost week three already!!!! the MTC is so much fun!!! 

Elders Sarmiento & Sorenson MTC Companions 

We have learned thoughout the week the importance of investigators and how they must truely find out for themselves the importance of the Holy Ghost in their lives. This last sunday we had someone speak.  This was the fourth day I was in the MTC. As he was about to speak he was prompted from the spirit to not speak on the talk he had but, to let the spirit promt him on what to say. As he went on he asked all of us who had questions to pray to promt him for answers. As I sat there and pondered in my chair I had thought about what I previously did throughout the last few days since I had entered. As I sat there and said a personal prayer, I asked to give me a reason to keep going.  As I finished I felt discouraged that my prayer wasn't going to get answered. There is about 2,400 missionaries and I thought how can mine be personally answered.  Throughout the talk I kept on realizing that the speaker wasnt going to answer it.  Then he paused, he told the tech guys to show a clip of a commercial he had previously made a few years ago. It was of a little girl who had a problem with her legs where she couldn't use them and she was on a swim team.  Her swim team would compete in every meet they could but, they never won a single race. Later they said the importance of this girl is that she would never give up her races. she would continue until she finished. At that point my answer came to me, just like my mom would say, "Finish what you start"!!  I was so happy and began balling. It was so amazing and its what has kept me to wake up at 6:30 evey morning!  It is so amazing here and I love it!!  I hope everyone is doing amazing!!!  Well I have to go for this week!!  I love you all and I hope to talk to everyone soon!!!   BYE

Elder Sarmiento

PDay #2 Elder Sarmiento spent his whole hour online trying to send us pictures...with the help of a Sister Missionary..... ha ha.

He wasn't able to tell us much more than the letter for his blog but he did say he is loving the MTC.  
This week was awesome, we learned so much and found out we are teaching our two teachers as investigators next week!  One of them is the hardest teacher here.  It's great though!!  I learn so much every day.  Theres a sister in my district who is going to help me send my pictures.  Also for those who don't know Mom has sent me a letter literally every day through!  There is one letter that was so long they gave it to me on three separate letters.  I was busting out laughing cause each one said "continuted".... ha ha.

Cassandra asked me "does someone miss her son"?  ha ha No, well maybe.  ha ha.

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