Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elder Sarmiento's Mom Cried Happy Tears........

Saturday started off with another Family Wedding when Kenny saw he had an email, so he looks and saw it was Elder Sarmiento, he right away calls Marri and tells her.  Marri right away emailed him back "are you online?"   Elder Sarmiento replied and was online with his parents for about 45 minutes.

He had this to say in his emails:

The MTC is Great
The food is good....but cleansing....ha ha.  I guess he will be losing weight right away??  ha ha
One of my roommates went to High School with Erics Brother.....The MTC is a small world, our new son in law Erics brother Elder Chris Severson is JT's age and serving in Canada
Yes Please send me my tennis shoes for PDay that I forgot.....thats what happens when you wait until 10pm the night before to pack
Message to Carrie Bence Jones......Congrats on your wedding today and BTW & You better have a baby boy in these next two years, I will be baptizing an investigator while in the MTC so that only means 7 more.  So its up to you to have a kid and name it Indiana!!!!   Private challenge between Elder Sarmiento and Carrie
Message to the Bence Family and Robby.....I love you, have a great time at the wedding
Yes Mom I got all 6 of your letters, Dad and Dillons letter...Thanks for telling me not to come back if I get homesick Dill..ha ha.....Dillon send him a letter telling him how much he missed him but not to get homesick and come home, my sweet sweet boy.
Im trying to send pictures but its not working, maybe next week.  We got him a new camera for his mission the day before he left and he hasn't figured out how to download them onto the MTC computers.

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