Saturday, June 29, 2013

Travel Plans...and Footie Pajamas

So this week has been crazy!!! My pics aren't loading up so I can't send anything, but my companion and I have been chosen to be Zone Leaders. As part of being a Zone leader in our branch they have passed down footie pajamas for us to wear everynight as we check on our districts in the residence. Also thanks to the Johnson's; I have survived off of their Cinnimon rolls this last week. Thank you so very much for that!!! You guys are awesome!!! It's been amazing though, we have been able to learn the rest of the basic grammar of the Tagalog language. Now our teachers go into depth on the language. As we have been working harder, we have been getting so confused, but through our efforts and through faith we have been able to understand it all. This last Friday we also were able to get our flight plans!!!! I leave next Monday, July 1st. We are flying to Oregon and then to Tokyo!!!!! It's awesome!! Anyways I can't wait to get there!! ALSO if you see the broadcast look for me in the chior!!!!! It's gonna be amazing tomorrow!!! ANYWAYS!!! I love you all and miss everyone!! Hope you're all doing great!!!! I gotta go, but KITA KITS!!!!!


Sorry for the late mom asked me to update this for her last week and I forgot :/ my bad! If you have time, you can find Elder Sarmiento on the broadcast video 2 minutes and 22 seconds in. Here's the video below:

I have also recorded it and posted a video clip on Instagram and Facebook and I will tag Elder Sarmiento on the Facebook post. Since he leaves in two days, I'm guessing you should just start sending letters to the Philippines! My dad said you can send letters to Elder Sarmiento through Dear Elder to the San Pablo, Philippines mission for FREE! Who doesn't like free?

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