Sunday, June 16, 2013

Walking Through The Fog

So this week has been interesting. my head esplodes everyday haha. The language is kicking me in the butt. I know that through not just obedience but exact obedience helps me throughout my day. As David A. Bednar says "When we go through our day, it is like walking through fog.  We cant see anything in front of us. There is just enough light out to see. as we seek for faith and we are obedient the fog clears just enough for us to take a few more steps." I know that as I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we are able to continue walking. Sometimes we get discouraged from things but, through faith we must keep moving. I love the gospel and I love the MTC,  besides the food. Well I got to go but, I love you all!! Talk to you later!!!! -Elder Sarmiento

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