Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm Getting Transferred & It Sounds Like Another Challenge...........

So where to begin for this week.  Well I guess I will start off with my companion who just left.  Before he did we got to really talk about this last transfer and he told me that I was the first companion to not fight with him.  He told me I was his best friend on the Mission.  He is going home this week, and well I am still here to continue the things he showed me here.  He was really an amazing missionary.

He has taught me so much and he helped me really become the Elder I am now with the things I learned from him.  For example, now that he is gone,  I am in a trio and we went last night and taught our investigators.  For the other two they had a recent convert who's husband is almost to being Baptized, but he wont give up cigarettes.  As we taught him I was really thinking, "How could I help this man really know.  What can I say that would help him"?  For them, they have had a hard time.  Like Janessa, the wife has Cysts on her Ovaries and they really want children.  They have asked to keep them in our prayers so it can happen.  As we taught them, trying to show that the Word of Wisdom needed to be followed, I really had the spirit tell me to say something.  Not so sure at first, I had to pause, what was I going to say to them, and just sit there and ponder.  As I did this I got the reassurance.  Once I knew it was something the spirit was guiding me to say, I told them immediately, "brother, if you follow these things the lord can and will bless you with a child".  At that moment you could really feel the spirit just overtake the whole room.  It was an amazing what I can do if I follow the spirit.

Elder Thompson this last transferred not only sowed me how to follow, but also how to invite the spirit in our everyday lives.  This week was an amazing week.  I also found out today that I am getting transferred on Thursday.  I am getting more information tomorrow, but yes next week I will be in a different area and I could possibly be there around Christmas.  So I am excited.  It sounds like another challenge.  BTW, is Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Ginger coming here to the Philippines for Christmas this year?

Well I got to go but,  I love you all!!!!!!  Take care.  Until Monday!!!!!

Love-Elder Sarmiento

I don't change his emails, but have noticed each week how his writing is becoming more and more broken english.  In the Philippines they speak "Taglish", Tagalog and English.  His last Companion Elder Thompson's blog has pictures of the two of them, they became great friends!!!!  

I am posting this on 11/7/13, the day Catagory 5 Typhoon Haiyan is hitting the Philippines.  We have no idea where Elder Sarmiento is since he has been transferred, but we do know that all Mission Presidents have moved their Missionaries who are in the path of the Typhoon to safe areas.  
-J's mom 

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