Thursday, November 7, 2013

We Were Sent To An Island For A Ground Breaking Ceremony.........

Ok so I first of all went to the small island in our mission called Marinduque.  I wasn't able to email yesterday cause we went "Cave Exploring" there.  So the pictures are from Saturday morning when we made it to the island, and also the ground breaking they had.  The building will be about 50 yards from the ocean.  After that we had a 2 hour boat ride and then a 4 hour bus ride back to our area.  We traveled from the North all the way and went the furthest South that we could in our Mission. 

The Island was amazing, it looked like Jurassic Park!!!  ha ha.  We took pictures, but its nothing compared to the Real Deal!  Anyways we got to do so much on the Island!!!  There was a ground breaking,  we attended a branch with AirCon on Sunday, then Monday we got to go into a cave!!!!  Very cool and we also got to go on a White Sand Beach!!  The water was soooo clear, you can see everything in the water, when your on the beach!  It was Amazing!!! 

Other than that adventure, I am almost at my six month mark!  My Tagalog is pretty close to fluent.  Sometime soon within the next two transfers,I will be transferred soon so that will be cool.  I love the area here, but I kinda just wanna go somewhere else and learn more. 

I am realizing more and more that as a missionary, people think Missionaries know everything.....well I have realized as I teach and the spirit helps, I learn more myself!! For example, we found people here in the area who are deaf!!! (elder sarmiento took 3 years of ASL in high school, thought he would never be able to use it on his mission)  My sign language came out and it was great.  Here in the Philippines they don't have a Philippines sign language, they actually learn English!  They don't know Tagalog!  It was Fun!!!! We know are actually teaching them and its great!! 

Anyways I don't have much time, hopefully next week I will but, anyways I love you guys!!!  I miss you all and soon we will be able to SKYPE!!!!

Malapit Na!!!!!!! Sige!!!!!!! Ingot Kayo!!!!! 
-Elder Sarmiento

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