Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Didn't Feel The Earthquake, We Had Amazing Experiences Instead......

Hey, so for starters......I didn't even feel the earthquake.  Instead one of our investigators who is Chinese was watching it on the News right before we taught him.

This investigator is amazing though, he loves to watch the news and read a lot of things about random worldly things.  As we were walking around talking to people about the gospel, we ran into him.  We eventually taught him and next thing we know, we found out two years ago one of his friends had given him a Book of Mormon with their Testimony inside.  He doesn't stay in contact with this person anymore, but this investigator ended up going to church.  He loved it and as we taught him last night, another Miracle happened!  His daughter wanted to learn why American Missionaries where in the Philippines teaching.  As we taught on our 3rd lesson to her father, we brought up repentance.  She began to ask and seem super interested.  We ended up finding out that his daughter has been searching for a church so she can repent for the things she has done in the past.  All the other churches she has gone to hasn't really been a help and as we taught her she began to cry.  So now we have a new investigator and she is super super interested in more!!

My Companion and I noticed not only with her, but all of our investigators, something interesting.  We have been working super hard.  We have been out until our curfew every night, looking for more people to teach.  As we looked last night at our overall numbers in our week, we realized our week was amazing when we thought we did horrible.  We have both seen the Lords hand in our work this week.  We have taught so many people and we have been given so many challenges.  Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end.  All I know is that I have learned so much.  I have also learned the Lord loves me and HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON so that we can repent and not suffer.  It's been an amazing week and I still learned a lot.

My companion and I are going to an island for his last area.  Don't have time to explain,  I will explain next week!!!

Well I got to go so I Love You All!!!!  Talk to you next week!!!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

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