Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sacrifice, It's Totally Worth It.......

Well General Conference was really amazing!!!  Most of the last session was really about as a religion we must stick to our beliefs. It was really amazing. 

Also for General Conference something amazing happened.  For my first convert here in the Philippines, she has been having a rough time.  We recently had a Typhoon come through that added to the flooding in some of our areas that were already flooded.  For my first convert she has already been in a evacuation center for the last 2 months cause her house has been flooded.  From this recent typhoon it now is flooding the area she has been evacuated to.  She doesn't have much money, she has gotten sick cause the water that surrounds them, people go to the bathroom in and other things and their house they live in is literally a bunch of tarps.

Did it stop this women from attending Conference?  NO!! This women traveled 30min. with money she saved to attend church.  While she did this she also brought a friend who is interested in the Church.  With not a single complaint or single plea for help.  This women has a very firm foundation.  It's amazing to see the determination this women has.  This not only has humbled me but, I have also seen the happiness that as Missionaries we bring to others.  This week has been great!!!

Now about the package, it cost nothing here.  Thanks for all the stuff.  Now about ramen....there is stuff that they have here similar, but its also better.  Thanks for the peanuts!!  I actually have eaten so much I have gotten sick from them. :/  My companion thinks its funny, but yea.  Next time thought about the food I was thinking maybe some chips?  and some Forever Stamps...they don't sell them here in the Philippines and I want to send some people letters here.  Well anyways I got to go but I love you all!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!! -Elder Sarmiento

Our 3rd Baptism In Calamba, Blessings Are Pleanty

Post Typhoon #3 This is how we get through the streets

Walking The Planks......Such Determined Elders

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