Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jollibee....Pinoy Style!!

This week was great, we had another Baptism!!!

Another Great Day!

Calamba Ward Family

I got another companion.  That is one companion every transfer.   I found out he is from Utah, plays Lacrosse and is going to BYU-I.  He is German & American and I  also found out he goes home in November!!  That means next transfer he will be going home and I will have ANOTHER COMPANION!!!! WOOOO ha ha ha.

Transfer Day

Jollibee...Pinoy Style!  
(like McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese)

Birthday Party of a Ward Member, they invited us to attend......So Cool!!

 It's been a little though but, it's been great with my new companion.  We have done a lot of work and he has helped me a lot with the Language!  We have a baptism coming up and we are excited.  Also here there is a Typhoon that just came through again...the area that was flooded before became worse.  We have members who live in the flood, their house has a little water inside, but the water is so high they use a boat to get to it!!!!  It was crazy but!!!!  We got the go from President to ride in the boat to their house so we could teach them!!  A few times we almost flipped, but we got out alive!!!  Ha ha.

After The Latest Typoon We Were Able To
Travel By Boat To Teach Investigators and Check On Ward Members

Anyways this week has been great!!!  and next week will be better!!  Well I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!!!!  - Elder Sarmiento

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