Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Am But A Tool For Our Heavenly Father........

Last night we taught a family and had an FHE (family home evening) with them so they can see how FHE is.  The mom is one of our investigators.  She is separated from her husband and all the kids live with her, they are all members.  We had a great FHE and then had her bare her testimony.  She said that she has had a tough time with her life and when we began teaching her was the first time she wanted to hear what we wanted to say.  She had a coffee problem, but since two week ago she hasn't had any.  We have given her a drink called Energen, its like Hot Chocolate with Oatmeal in it, and she also has said she wants to be a part of this church.  We already had a date for her on October 5th but we now know for sure she will be baptized.  It was a great time we had with them last night, and then we played a game where if you lose you get lipstick drawn on you.  In the picture you will see I lost the most... ha ha.

When we told Elder Sarmiento how proud we were of him and what a great teacher he is he responded with this "Thanks but something to remember is that I haven't really done anything.  I actually haven't done anything, what makes me effective is really letting the Lord through me teach and touch the hearts of man.  Like it says in God's Army, you don't convert people, your just a tool".

In my zone there is two sisters that came with me from the MTC.  I found out they are already training this next transfer.  For me I will just be with my companion hopefully and not be transferred, but after next week I wont be a trainee anymore!!!  I know for sure I wont be here for Christmas because there is a transfer in the middle of December and in December is my 6 month mark here in my first area.  President doesn't keep anyone longer in an area than 6 months.  I want to say because there is a lot of people we have found, but in order for them to be baptized it will be a while.

I haven't had the package yet, this Thursday we have a Zone Conference where there is bunch of zones they will bring together and the President with the AP's teach us stuff.  Maybe I'll get it then.  Well I got to go, its been almost an hour so I will talk to you guys next week.  Love You All!!!!!

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