Sunday, September 15, 2013

We Are Promised To Know The Truth Of All Things.......

My week was great.  I have a good question for you.  Why are Sports so important?  Why do you think we have Sports here on earth??  Sports, if you think about it, after this life we not only remember things on earth but before life on earth.  Through sports we can learn the importance of pushing ourselves to the limit, like in Faith.  Sometimes in prayer we always ask for things and hope they are answered.  Do you know that always the Lord seeks for your faith before he answers your prayer?  Like in sports, in practice, you work harder and harder to become a better player in any sport.  In faith we are given challenges to strengthen our faith.  Now if a coach sees someone who isn't practicing as hard or trying, why should that coach play that player, or why would the Lord not answer a prayer if your not having or practicing faith in him.  It's interesting how we have all these things in life to learn about things we may not have a great understanding about, but through really studying the gospel and really having faith, we are promised to know the truth of all things.  For some reason I was asking myself about sports because I miss playing sports everyday and stuff.  I asked myself why I missed them so much then why we have them.  Through thinking about it I came up with that answer.

We have another Baptism next weekend. She is getting interviewed this weekend.  Sports, we only play on PDays at 5-6pm, otherwise its too hot, but we have only played Basketball and that was once.

So the White Guys in the Baptismal picture from last week is the other two Elders. All the other Filipinos in the picture are Mormons and are the recent converts friends.  The next Baptism that we have coming up is a girl who is 18 and we taught her the first lesson the same week when I had my first Baptism here.

Language Studying we do.....I am teaching my companion English and he is teaching me Tagalog.

Elder Sarmiento thought it was funny to find this....
Cassandra Eatery, just for his Sister.

A True Gift Elder Sarmiento Has....
Here is Pen & Ink (all dots) He Made of The Manilla Philippines Temple

Elder Sarmiento Over A Provence in Calamba

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