Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Accept It, Before It Excepts Us…..

For STARTERS Kacy Morris I give Congrats!!!!  Hopefully you read these..ha ha.  It's hard to realized but, even when I am not in America, life still moves forward.  Ha ha just kidding.  So this week has been a great week!  We have been teaching the ex-Mayor of my area and this last week he committed to Baptism!!!!  The area has been a little rough but who says the Salvation of souls is easy!!!

This last week with my companion I have really had a great learning experience.  With a lot of people they look for the SECRET or for the BEST THINGS in a Mission.  Honestly there isn't really just one thing here that makes a Mission a Mission.  What makes a so amazing for people is the fact that the Lord, through the holy ghost, teaches us what is the SECRET or the BEST THINGS for us, not for the Mission.  In a Mission it truly is more of a learning experience for yourself than anyone else.  What makes a Mission so unique is where you are assigned, is where the Lord wants you to go.  Now I have also learned that it is never easy nor should it ever be easy on a Mission.  I have felt as if I have missed so much but, when in fact the things I need for my life I have learned here on a Mission.  This to the point of my Mission now is what makes my Mission so great and memorable to me.  I love it here so much!!!  I have learned so much also not only for the time now and here, but for the times that are to come!!

Alam ko po na ito ay totoo!!  Alam ko po na ang abanghelyo ni jesuCristo ay para sa ating.  All we have to do is accept it before it excepts us!!! MAHAL KITA!!!!!!  INGAT PO KAYO!!!!
-Elder Sarmiento

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