Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tracking, Dogs, Ducks and Coconuts……...

So for mom,  my companion is Ilicano....that may be spelled wrong but, he lives North of Manila.  About the Christmas package, we got an email that they charge more around Christmas.  Its fine for me I can wait!!!  About the effected Mission, we actually got new Missionaries in the Mission.  I think they are from the mission that was hit from the Typhoon.  Other than that I haven't gotten any emails from Michael Christensen.  Maybe he has the wrong email?  Do you know which Bingham sent me the post card?

So this week was in impacted week!!! This week has a lot that happened.  First I will start with the funny things.  Starting with my my companion is Filipino and he speaks Tagalog better than English.  So with him I have been teaching him English but, explaining in Tagalog.  Because of that I have been speaking Tagalog 24/7.  Now with that my companion has, I guess, woken up a few times at night thinking I am talking to him (in tagalog) when I am actually sleep talking….ha ha.  Never thought that would happen but, it did.  Along with that all last week we had been tracking cause the investigators were a little low, so as we did this we actually came to a house last night.  All of these dogs were barking and barely chained enough, they couldn't reach us but, slobber on you.  Anyways as we noticed no one was home we were leaving and something bit my leg!!!  As I looked freaking out I found a Duck stuck to my ankle!!  My companion laughed so hard with the reaction I had…. I thought I was bit by a dog!  ha ha.  We also ran into a lady who was selling fresh cracked Coconuts.  It was so good!!!

Now other than that my companion and I , as I said,  have done a lot of tracking this week.  (tracking going to homes one a at a time)  The walking was never ending and my sweating didn't help.  But as we did this there was one point we got rejected by a less active.  As we were about to leave the street we were about to walk down continued the other way.  As I had a feeling to go and continue on this path I asked my companion if he and been there before.  With his answer "No" I asked if we could go there.  Feeling the spirit inside me I was excited to see if we were going to be led to a new investigator. As we turn the corner however, it came to an amazing scene.  The road ended with tracks from horses inches sunk into the ground.  Feeling the spirit however I felt to continue.  So I told my companion that we would and we did.  As we walked in about 5 feet there was a path of bukol (coconut) shells.  Feeling to follow it and from that it led us to a house in the middle of a bunch of trees.  Now in no other way would we have found this house.  The spirit literally pushed us into a forest to look for this house.  feeling confident we screamed, "TAO PO" (the way to call someone to come to the door).  As we waited for a few seconds I began to have second thoughts.  Then an old lady came out.  Happy as were were we began to talk with her.  She realized we were Missionaries and asked what church.  We explained then gave a plan of salvation pamphlet.  As we finished talking with her and began to leave she seemed on a little interested, maybe a good investigator.  Then she said something we didn't expect.  She asked "Elders, if I have been married 3 times then who is my husband when we are resurrected".  With me I didn't understand, but for my companion he was smiling from ear to ear and told her we will return another day and give her an answer.

As we left we realized how big of an impact following the Lord not only in lessons, but everything you do can result in many blessings.  I realize every day if I was in another place the things I learn, experience and teach I could never have done in another mission.  Already the lord not only has helped but taught me so mud that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  That is what makes a mission so amazing to me.  The things I learn I know in any other position i would have not received.  I love this work so much.  Sometimes I feel like the lord is teaching me more than investigators.  This I know is all true.  Without a single doubt in my mind I can say these things are from the lord and through these things we can all be blessed.

Here is a picture of the sun setting here

I love and thank you all for the support and love you have given to me throughout my life.  I wouldn't be here on a mission without those who taught me these things.  I love and miss you all!!!!
Take Care!!!!!

-Love Elder Sarmiento

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