Friday, December 20, 2013

It's My 6th Month Mark…...

So 6th MONTH MARK!!!!! ANO BA YUNG!?! NOW IT'S BEEN 6 MONTHS AND WELL. BUHAY PA!!!!!  I put the part I don't know the language but, alam ko po na!!!!

Can't wait til Christmas!!!!  The Ultimate Test!  My father.  I cannot wait to have the chance to speak to my father in his native language.  When I had my mission call, all I was excited for the most was learning the language my father knew and my grandparents.  I didn't expect the trials and experiences that I would get with learning the language.  All I can say is that the gift of tongues is real.

Through this gospel I have been able to get to the place that I am at now.  The language is pretty good.  At least people can understand the point I am trying to get.  Anyways, Thanksgiving is almost here!! All I can say is well the things I could say that I am thankful for is never ending.  What I will say is that I am thankful for God the Eternal Father and his Son Jesus Christ.  Through them I have been able to receive this chance to serve the people of the Philippines, along with that I am so thankful for my family now when I say this I mean everyone.  People think families are just the families you are born into.  The actual correct family is everyone.  The people here on this earth are all brothers and sisters and the ones who has crossed paths with me have blessed my life in ways that they don't know.

Thanksgiving is an amazing Holiday we can remember of the things we are grateful for.  For me on that day I will not only thing of the things I am grateful for but I will also look for the blessing I will receive on that day.  I know the Lords blesses our lives every day, every min., and every hour.   The problem is that we focus so much on other things we may feel rushed, may have a bd day, and feel depressed.  All I can say is the Lord blesses us every day.  I know it because I have seen the blessings.  Most are small but , can effect your day so big.  I encourage all who are reading this to maybe try this on Thanksgiving.  As you can see these blessings not just on Thanksgiving, but on other days if not every day your life can feel so amazing.

I know the Lord is always with us.  We are LITERALLY HIS CHILDREN.  Like any other father here on the earth he helps us and guides us every day.  As we can notice these things we can have happier, better lives.  Alam ko po na ang ebanghelyo ni jesucrist ay totoo.  Alam ko po na nagdusa si jesucristo upang po kami magsisi at susundin niya.  Sana ito ay tama.  Kung hindi pasensyia!!!!  Ingot po kayo- Elder Sarmiento

We again see Elder Sarmiento's english and grammar a bit more broken…..we love it!!! 

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