Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twas The Night Before Christmas……..

Twas the night before Christmas (in the states) and all through the world, so I decided to try to set up our family Google Chat, and forgot to tell Mom, oh well.   
As she slept all sung in her Hotel room bed, dreaming of her long awaited call from me is what was in her head.  
When along came a text with a Verification Code, 
yep it was from me on her cell phone.  
Away from her bed she flew like a flash, checked her email and then thought….
"Wasn't he supposed to call later tonight, not last"??  
As I sat in front of the Computer I realized….
OOPPSS this went right to her phone.  
Not knowing all of this, my mom in Utah and my sister in Texas 
both couldn't sleep, 
they had a feeling I was on a computer, yep they felt the spirit so sweet.  
Christmas Day in California came, and as I tried to wait I could no longer…
 so I began my Christmas Gift to my family and emailed mom with the following..
"Hey its me and I want to Skype"!!
 Mom gathers the family and friends all around the computer, 
and for a good 30 minutes
 a Comedy of Errors ensues, its ok it wouldn't be a 
Sarmiento Family event without some laughter and tears too.  
The internet I was on was super slow, so I had to switch computers….OH NO!
 I tried to Skype and Google+ & then realized….. 
Oh great, I forgot all my passwords I wrote down at home!!! 
 Mom looked at Dad and They then said "we need to have a quick prayer" 
& within 5 minutes  Janessa & Austin had me on Skype,  
it was our Christmas Miracle right there!  
After a few minutes of this I was able to get my Google+ group to work and we were all on together, including Elder Broc Thompson, one of my Companions who is now an RM, Kumusta my brother!  
Blessings come in all packages, this I can testify to….
Merry Christmas to all, and make sure you say your prayers to.  

Love-Elder Sarmiento

Elder Sarmiento is in need of some items so we will be sending him a
Birthday "Balikbayan Box" around January 15th,
if you wish to send him something let us know.

Our fist Attempt with Skype…Then Onto Google+

Elder Sarmiento Telling All His Stories 

Elder Sarmiento hearing that his little Sister Makayla turns 16 in 2 days…Yikes

Elder Sarmiento Realizing his little Sister will be able to date…….

Only 5 more months until his mom can do this again…and the countdown begins.

Here we are all round the Lap Top taking pictures of Elder Sarmiento, such a fun night.

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